Tour Stop

A Premium PageLines Plugin

Super Versatile

Tour Stop is the quickest and easiest way to have a full featured tour on your very own PageLines Site. Setup takes less than -234 nanoseconds, and trigger the tour by adding a special class to any element on the page.

Tour Stop setup

How to Use

The main setup options for Tour Stop can be found under Site Options--->Tour Stop.

1. Setup your stops, and your content for those stops.

2. Add a class for each stop, starting with .tourstop-1

2. Add a class for each stop, starting with .tourstop-1

Stop Options

Tour Stop comes packed with a lot of additional options that you can use to really shape the plugin for your situation. You can customize each stop with the location of the popup, making it a perfect fit for any type of content.In addition, you can also set a cookie so that the tour only runs once for new visitors.

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  1. First stop

  2. Second Stop

  3. Last Stop